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Remote CCTV monitoring offers a comprehensive range of services, which are continually reviewed and updated.

Alarm Response is tailored to the customer's specific requirements. Operators can immediately contact the Emergency Services, a named keyholder, other authorised personnel, or an independent guarding company.

Audio Warning Systems can be employed and continue to provide a major proactive deterrent. They are scheduled or activated through alarm and use the same in-band channel as the CCTV images.

Patrols can be scheduled as a means of pro-active surveillance and are particularly valuable to those sites prone to problems not associated with alarms.

Incident Reports are produced for every significant alarm activation, and can be sent to both installation Companies and to site premises.

Video Recordings of incidents are kept for up to 31 days which ensures that an event can be tracked up to a month after receiving the original Alarm signal. They are available on request and used as evidence by the police to convict offenders.

Traffic Reports are available and provide a valuable management tool. Along with alarm activation data, they also contain information which helps to determine maintenance requirements and telephone charges.

The Managed Service ::

Visual Verification’s fully managed service has taken the industry by storm. Here, dedicated workstations and operators provide clients with round the clock protection using CCTV, Intruder alarms and perimeter detection. In addition, Access Control, ANPR and the latest software, enables the Company to provide reception functions, health and safety instructions and vital management information 24 hours per day. The service evolves depending upon the client’s specific requirements and continues to provide huge cost savings across many industries.

Other Services ::

Aside from the CCTV monitoring services the range of other services offered by the Company is comprehensive and includes the following:

Access Control: Through a variety of solutions (including ANPR) gate, barrier and visitor access can be controlled remotely.

Gate House Duties: Reception function can be replaced on site. This provides a 'virtual concierge' service which replaces both physical buildings and security guards, thus cutting overhead costs and increasing efficiency.

Secure Call Handling: Monitoring stations now provide out of hours call handling for their clients who are safe in the knowledge that each call is recorded and logged, thus providing a further management tool....

Check Calls: Visual Verification routinely perform check calls on staff and manned guards (tailored to the customers requirements) to provide a further level of security and management information.

Vehicle Tracking: Our client's vehicle fleets are monitored by our Control Room. Signals ranging from Fire Alarms & Panic Alarms through to route deviation are assigned to vehicles or stock and responded to immediately, providing Emergency Service response as required.

Telecare  : Visual  Verification are able to offer remote monitoring of Telecare to enable people to continue living in their own home, while minimising risks such as a fall, gas and flood detection and relate to other real time emergencies and lifestyle changes over time.

Internal Monitoring: The interior of buildings and offices are routinely monitored today to prevent criminal damage but also to provide management with a useful viewing and assessment aid.

The capabilities of remote monitoring increase almost daily, it is fast becoming a vital component in the armoury of today's management.

The team at Visual Verification are only too happy to advise on network projects large or small, and welcome visits from any interested parties.

Why not contact the Company direct on 0844 415 7777 to find out more about these and other available services?



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