Is this what you mean?

For many years the following industries (and many more) have benefited greatly from the applications available:

• Haulage/Transport
• Environmental Services
• Manufacturing & Distribution
• Education
• Retail
• Automotive
• Industrial & Commercial Property
• Restaurants
• Councils

The diversity of the above industries is clear to see, but in each case it is the simple premise of remote monitoring that is applied to solve problems across many varying situations.

Case Study 1 :: Focus on Manufacturing/Distribution

One of the rapidly growing applications of remote monitoring is within the manufacturing sector. Ranging from simple out of hours monitoring of goods and vehicles, through to controlling site access and recording vehicles/drivers, the applications are endless. In conjunction with one of their large installation associates, Visual Verification have replaced the entire on-site security needs of a major American-owned Manufacturing company situated in the West Midlands. This has involved the replacement of on-site guards, all gatehouses and their inherent duties, and the logging of all visitor access.

Camera and Alarm systems have also been installed internally which allows both the monitoring station and Company management to monitor the reception area, many offices and production areas at will. The system is controlled, via a Broadband connection, by a 24 hour monitoring facility within the Communications Centre. All alarms, access and CCTV systems are controlled remotely. The technology also allows Visual Verification to provide a complete communications management service. This includes the control of video recordings, compliance with Data Protection and a Data Management service for a number of the company's clients.

The overall effects have been startling. Above and beyond the immediate cost reductions through the removal of static guards, the project has escalated to produce communication & management solutions which were not thought possible before installation. It has dramatically reduced costs and increased effectiveness across the board.

Case Study 2 :: Focus on Production & Management

Johnson Controls of Speke produce automotive parts for Jaguar Cars and were Visual Verifications very first client. Having suffered persistent break-ins Johnson Controls approached Visual Verification to provide all their on-site security. The site is monitored through a system of CCTV cameras and alarms, but the system has been designed and developed to enable off-site Management access to the premises through an ISDN connection.

For instance, this allows management the ability to view the production line from any remote position in real time. Alongside the obvious crime deterrent of the CCTV monitoring, the system has become an important management tool and as such, has increased Johnson's productivity and effectiveness.

Case Study 3 :: Focus on Retail

After a spate of armed robberies and physical attacks on staff, the Co-operative chain of Supermarkets enlisted the help of Visual Verification for 20 of its stores, in Manchester and across Yorkshire. The system is based around a panic alarm which alerts the monitoring station and provides live footage and use of a two way audio system.

If a member of staff feels threatened or suspects any criminal activity, with one push of a button the control of any situation is passed to remote staff and dealt with immediately. The operator has the option to engage directly with the intruder using the built in audio transmission capabilities, remotely activate additional security protection such as lighting/alarms or alert a third party.

Such a huge deterrent has slashed the amount of crime, and staff feel more secure now that the direct confrontation with offenders is out of their hands. In the only subsequent armed robbery, the perpetrators were arrested and jailed for over 6 years. The system has become the model around which future retail applications are being designed.

The quality of the service was rewarded in 2001 by the Security Solutions Awards, who recognised the speed and effectiveness of response to a variety of situations. Since its inception the system has gone from strength to strength and evolved into the interactive and pre-emptive service that it is today.



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